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Chester Excavation site for Archaeology

Dig and Shift Groundworks and Plant Hire LTD: Excavating in Chester for the University

From Monday April 24 until Friday May 19, a group of enthusiastic archaeology students from the University of Chester had the incredible opportunity to learn and develop their practical fieldwork skills. This valuable experience was made possible through a collaboration between the university’s Department of History and Archaeology, West Cheshire Museums, and Cheshire West and Chester Council.

Located in Grosvenor Park, Chester, this excavation project’s site was carefully started by Dig & Shift, a reputable excavation company that specializes in providing professional excavation services. Their skilled excavator operators were trusted by the university to ensure accurate and precise work throughout the project.

The training excavations, which have been a recurring event since 2007, have welcomed over 330 students who have eagerly participated in unearthing and documenting the remnants of nearly 2,000 years of human activity within the park’s vicinity. This hands-on experience allows students to apply their theoretical knowledge in a practical setting, honing their skills and gaining a deeper understanding of archaeological methods.

Throughout the excavation period, the students immersed themselves in the rich history beneath the park’s surface. With guidance from the universities archeology department, they meticulously excavated various artifacts and remains, carefully documenting their findings. The students’ commitment to their work was matched by their enthusiasm and willingness to engage with visitors who were captivated by the ongoing archaeological activities. Their dedication and passion for archaeology earned them high praise from both their mentors and the interested public.

The collaboration between the University of Chester, Dig & Shift, West Cheshire Museums, and Cheshire West and Chester Council has proven to be a fruitful partnership, providing valuable learning opportunities for the students involved. This hands-on fieldwork experience not only equips them with essential practical skills but also instills in them a deeper appreciation for the historical significance of their local area.

As the excavation project at Grosvenor Park concludes on Friday May 19, the participating students are gaining a wealth of knowledge and a newfound appreciation for the importance of archaeological research. Their time spent unearthing and preserving the past will undoubtedly shape their future careers in the field of archaeology, as they carry forward the lessons learned and the passion ignited during their time at the University of Chester. Dig & Shift are proud to be selected for this work as it verifies our commitment to using first-class excavation operators to get the job done right.

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Excavation Work in Grosvenor Park Chester for the University
Excavation in Chester for the Universities archeology department


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