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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a series of questions that we often get asked. Of course if your questions are not answered below, please give us a call or email us at sales@digandshift.co.uk

Unlike some of our competitors. All our machines are less than three years old. They are independently inspected yearly (with certificates to prove likewise) and serviced every 250 hours. Additionally each machine is washed, inspected, greased and fuelled prior to going out on hire. Ensuring your safety and downtime due to machine failure is negligible.  

You need to be 18 or over, resident in the UK with a photocard driving license, plus any two of the following: utility bill, council tax bill, bank or building society statement, all relating to your current permanent residence.

Insurance for none account customers is down to the customer to assess the risk and decide whether they wish to take out some hire insurance.
We do not require insurance for you to hire our machines, however you are responsible for the safe keeping of the machines (which means the machines need to be kept at the rear of the property, in a locked garage or blocked in by a car/vehicle at night and the keys removed whilst they are unattended at all times). Additionally, you are responsible for any accidental damages, including vandalism. If you want to take out short term ‘hired in plant’ insurance to cover the machines whilst hired, A number of insurance companies can offer you a quote on covering them for short term hire. We recommend JCB’s short term hired in plant insurance. Check these links out…..
http://www.plant-master.com › short…Short-Term Hired-in Plant Insurance

We do not need to see any license. The property owner must be content that you are a competent person to operate a machine on his property. That is all that is required by law.

Unlike some, we do not ask for a deposit when booking our machines.

You can pay by cash or card, including MasterCard, Visa and Amex, when we deliver the machine (s). We do not charge extra for card payments.

For one day’s hire we work on 8 hours, so the machine would be dropped off at your approximate requested time in the morning and collected around 4-5pm. If you finish early we will endeavour to collect promptly. If the hire is for more than one day then the machine is collected around 4-5pm on the day it is off hired or as discussed when you call us.

We will give you a basic health and safety instruction on how the machine works, how to change the buckets over and how to check the fuel, oils and water. We will run you through how to operate the equipment and the vast majority of people soon pick up how to use the equipment.
We recommend practising in an open area away from people and property for 30 minutes until you have the hang of the machine, instructions are with the machine and you are always welcome to call us to ask for advice.

No sorry we only deliver to your site or property unless you are a longstanding customer and we know you.

Yes, provided we have dealt with you for some considerable time.

Unfortunately we don’t hire machines for half a day, so the price is the same as a full day’s hire.

We send out our machines with a ditcher/grading bucket, a 2ft (600mm) bucket with teeth and a 300mm trenching bucket with teeth. If you have any other requirements on buckets let us know when ordering. We do not charge for additional buckets and are subject to availability.

All our excavators have manual or hydraulic quick hitches depending on the size of the machine. You will be shown how to change the buckets over when the machine is dropped off.

You are welcome to fill the machine up prior to collection. However, we have quoted the price of a full tank of fuel included in your hire. Just make sure there is enough fuel in the machine to get it off your site and loaded back onto our collection vehicle.

Sometimes customers will call us to say that they have dug themselves into a hole; we will then usually go and refill the hole and extract the machine.
It is then up to the customer to redig the hole with the digger on the outside of the hole.
Under no circumstances will we drive a digger or dumper across a trench using a bit of ply board, scaffolding planks or any other type of ramp. That is very dangerous and not something we will ever do.
The best course of action is to fill the trench in and redig the trench from the correct side.
On excavators, please ensure that the red safety lever on the left hand console arm is up to start the machine and down to operate the machine. Additionally on the Kubota u17-3, first thing in the morning turn the key to the on position and wait for the glow plug light to go out. Bobcats E10’s require the glow plug button on the console to be pressed for 5-10 seconds prior to starting.
On the dumpers
Please ensure that you have used the glow plugs by turning the key anti clockwise, wait a few moments and then try and start the machine, ensuring that the forward and reverse lever is in the neutral position and that you have not pressed the emergency red stop button by the steering wheel.
We will dispatch a fitter and refit the track. In most circumstances this is chargeable; the amount depends on how long it takes our fitter to do the job, but is usually around £40 + VAT.

We will call a tyre fitter and have them repair the puncture for you, this will be chargeable and costs £50 + VAT.

On the rare occasion a pipe bursts. Firstly switch off the machine and call us. We will then call out a hose fitter to repair the pipe. This will be chargeable to yourself, depending on the length of the pipe, how long it takes to repair and how much hydraulic oil has been lost. Cost is usually between £40 & £120 plus VAT.

We do try our best to keep all of our customers happy, however, there are a limited number of ‘first drop’ delivery spaces available and, while we are happy to accomodate customers’ delivery requirements, it is not always possible to give everyone the ‘first drop’ delivery slots.

Please call us before 3pm on the last day of your hire to extend your hire and avoid failed collection costs.

Weekend hires are a minimum of two days and generally we will drop off on a Friday afternoon and collect Monday morning, unless otherwise agreed and at our discretion.

We generally deliver the machines to the kerbside, but we can take the machine through to the back of the property; any damage to property or the machine is at your risk.
Part of the paperwork process is to take pictures all round each machine prior to leaving them with you. As such, we require you to take care of the machines and return them in the same condition as we delivered them. We are in the hire industry, not the making money from damages. If it is light damage such as a scratch or ding we will more than likely let it pass (entirely at our discretion), however, any serious damage to rams, panels or other items will be billed at the cost price of the part plus an hour’s labour to replace the part. Invoices of what we have paid for the part are available on request.

In the unlikely event, make sure you and your colleagues are safe, then switch the machine off IMMEDIATELY! Do not attempt to upright or start the machine as irreparable damage to the engine and machine components may occur. Call us so we can come out and assess the situation before deciding what is the best plan to recover the machine(s) safely.

Please ensure the ditcher/grading bucket is back on the machine and the other buckets stacked inside the ditcher. Ideally, we want the machine returned in the same condition as delivered, providing that you have made an effort to clean the machine and empty any soil/clay that may be inside the buckets then we are happy.
After you have called us, we will endeavour to collect the machine ASAP after it has been off hired.
If the hire is for one day only we will collect around 4.30-5.30 depending on collection availability. If you have to leave before we get there, let us know the safe place you have left the keys and avoid leaving the machine(s) on the pavement or road.

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