At Dig & Shift with over 20 years of experience in ground works, we can price to excavate your Driveway, Patio or Garden. From a small driveway extension to a full front and back garden makeover Dig & Shift will have the right sized machines for the job. We understand that not every job is the same and when it comes to excavating your driveway or garden it is necessary to view your project prior to commencing the works, matching up the right sized excavators, dumpers & breakers where necessary, making sure the job is done as efficiently as possible. Having an array of in-house excavators, dumpers & breakers, we are not dependent on delivery & downtime from third parties, so we can crack on with the job in hand. Micro Diggers are always readily available to get through that tight gate or alleyway, with just a minimum of 710mm required to squeeze our smallest digger through and of course we will always put the largest machine to the job so it’s done as quickly and cheaply as possible. 

When we view a site, along with the correct machinery for the job we can also advise you on an estimate of quantities of excavated spoil that will be coming out of the job and deal with disposing of the waste as it mounts up, by organising grab trucks or tippers to take the waste away to EA authorised landfill sites or recycling centres. Take advantage of our FREE SITE SURVEY & QUOTATION SERVICE so we can price your job. Please note we cover the following POST CODE AREAS:- CH1 to CH7, CH42 to CH66 & WA6.

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