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Site Clearance using Kubota U27 with Flail Attachment

How Dig & Shift miraculously cleared this land in 1 day using the Kubota U27 with Flail Attachment

Do you have an overgrown garden, field or plot of land that needs clearing?

Dig and Shift were contacted by a client who had a plot of land that was completely overgrown and had not been maintained in over ten years. The land contained three derelict ramblers’ cottages that were no longer even visible. The customer was aware how badly overgrown the land was and didn’t really know where to start, how long it would take or how much it would cost and so we visited the site to survey the best way to approach this task and to give the client a timespan that we believed we could complete the project in.

The first thing we assess is the type and severity of vegetation, what tools we believe will be most appropriate for the job, find any safety concerns and plan how we will also remove the overgrowth from the land.

Dig and Shift decided that the best choice of tools for the job was our Kubota U27 with a Flail Attachment and one of our highly skilled operatives to get the job done as safely and efficiently as possible. We agreed on a time and price and we were on-site nice and early ready to get started with the site clearance on the day that we had agreed.

We chose the U27 for it’s versatility. The Flail Attachment is super efficient in getting the bulk of the overgrowth removed. The powerful arm and bucket can be used to dig around roots and vegetation stumps for removal and once everything is cleared, the U27 can be used for grading work to level off areas of the land.

Dig & Shift to the Rescue

With our vast experience of digger driving and planning site clearances, we can perform what seems like magic. Watch the video and view the gallery below to see how we transformed this space in only 1 day!!

Site Cleared of overgrowth in only 1 day


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Are You Looking for Self Drive or Operator Driven?

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